Erosion Control Products for Everyday Compliance

Maintaining environmental stewardship during any heavy civil construction project is just as important as completing the job itself. Since Asimpa Products was founded, we’ve been dedicated to offering the highest-quality erosion control products at competitive prices to inspire our clients to take pride in preserving the environment while completing precise projects.

Every product we provide is designed to follow Best Management Practices (BMPs) for controlled ground disturbance. Among our inventory, we showcase the following in our full line of erosion control products.

Erosion Control Blanket

Our erosion control blankets, or ECBs, are made with organic straw, excelsior, or coconut fibers that act as turf-reinforcing mulches which renew vegetation while shielding incoming growth from the elements. ECBs are ideal for preventing erosion in channels and on slopes.


Depending on your specific application, part of our customer service promise is matching the right geotextile fabric to your project. We offer a wide variety of woven, non-woven, and polypropylene geotextiles to meet drainage, separation, and soil reinforcement regulations. Our high-density poly resin geogrids and polyethylene liners provide exclusive soil reinforcement applications.

Silt Fence

Woven and nonwoven  geotextiles are fastened to posts and stretched to create an effective tool in preventing sediment runoff in ground-disturbing construction zones. DOT- and EPA-approved, our silt fences are UV resistant and possess strength and hydraulic properties.

Asimpa, LLC brings you a simple solution for all your erosion control product demands.
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