Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion Control Blanket Products from Asimpa, LLC

are Essential for Environmentally Sound Construction

Reduce seed and soil loss, improve water quality, and promote renewed vegetation with erosion control blanket (ECB) products from Asimpa, LLC. We offer a complete line of rolled ECBs, because we’ve always recognized that proper care of our land is key to sustainable project development.

From straw to coconut, each ECB is designed using organic materials that act as a layer of soil-stabilizing mulch to hold seed and soil in place until vegetation can be re-established. Most blankets are made with either photodegradable, synthetic, or natural biodegradable netting.

STRAWS  100% certified weed free ECBs available in double or single netting for erosion control up to one year.

EXCELSIOR – Excelsior temporary ECBs are made of a 100% aspen excelsior stitched with single or double netting. This type of erosion control blanket provides erosion control for up to 18 months.

COCONUT – Asimpa offers coconut and coconut/straw ECBs. The hybrid offers two years of erosion control, and our 100% coconut fiber blankets provide three years.

COIR AND JUTE MATES – Made from the spun husk of a coconut, both jute and coir mats are invaluable for earth-friendly weed and erosion control. As the biodegradable material gradually breaks down around new plant growth and provides mulch, the mat protects vegetation from the elements while providing partial shade and heat storage.

High Performance Turf Reinforcement Matting (HP-TRM) – For long-lasting erosion control, 36 months or longer, the woven structure of high performance turf reinforcement matting creates the strongest and most durable material.

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